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we lie beneath the stars at night

Beckett: Why don’t we just take a minute and write down the names of all the people that absolutely, positively have to be there - no matter what - to make us happy.

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Beckett is so happy when Castle gives her the key to their DC apartment, it actually looks like she’s about to cry at one point.

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"How big is it?" - Castle S5 Bloopers [x]

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It was all fake? Nothing was real… You let me think I was crazy? You let me think you were going to die!

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losing him was blue like I’d never known
missing him was dark grey all alone
but loving him was red

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i’m genuinely wondering why the theme of this season of castle seems to be ~people think castle is untrustworthy~ 

even though it’s done comedically (apparently not for next weeks though) i like do not get it 

and i mean…why was it necessary to make beckett bring up other girls he has had in the hamptons? there are other ways to make us and her aware that she’s it for him and she’s not like the other women. everyone…has exes i honestly don’t understand why his romantic past is such an issue. 

and next week. are we to believe that beckett legitimately doubts his innocence? the promos could obviously be misleading and she could back him up entirely, but why is this a storyline? this man has done so much to prove himself I’m seriously baffled as to why these episodes are being written. 

let’s just all calm down and bring it on back to solving crimes with eye rolls and make outs. 

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