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we lie beneath the stars at night
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So hey, remember that time last year when Carrie and I decided to make a blog out of our silly fun Castle/Beckett paparazzi ideas? And then we stopped posting?

Remember that time when Castle and Beckett got together and we decided to start it up again?

THAT DAY IS TODAY. So. If you were into it before, or just want to follow along, this is a thing that is happening now! The end.


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SECOND EARTH   European astronomers said Monday that they had found what might be the best candidate for a “Goldilocks” planet yet: a lump of something about 3.6 times as massive as the Earth, circling its star at the right distance for liquid water to exist on its surface — and thus, perhaps, to host life, as we narrowly imagine it. The planet, known as HD 85512b, is about 36 light years from here, in the constellation Vela. (Artist rendering: M. Kornmesser / ESO via the New York Times)

#i always wonder about how if there are life forms out there similar to humans who are evolved enough to create advanced technology #do they have television #what are their shows like #i want to watch them all #who would i ship on other planets #it sucks that they don’t have castle though #we have stana so earth: 1 universe: 0

So  Carrie and I just had this conversation. And also this happened:

i mean honestly last summer was the most quality summer heather and i have ever had

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Mark Ruffalo acts out a fan’s dream conversation

I just peed my pants

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